The 2nd concept for Ramyeon Chicken is a parody on the famous Korean series ‘Crash Landing On You’.  This was much fun to plan & execute, as we wanted it to be cute yet unexpected, especially when the Parachute gets snagged in the Monstera leaf which then gives the drumstick a reason to be released from it, & fall into the ‘arms’ of the other drumstick.  Now the challenge was really to freeze on that ending scene for a split second, so the audience can connect the pose to that of the series.  Of course, our chickens don’t have hands, so that might be a bit difficult, but I’m pretty sure those familiar with the series will be able to link the two.  Once again, a general idea from Agency Mullenlowe, & the hard work of production Shootworksasia, Ng & 3D House Quadimension to create and bring this whole story to life.