The final spot of 3 concepts from Agency Mullenlowe, & my 1st fully animated series – definitely the most quirky. Working with production Shootworksasia, Ng (freelance 3D supervisor & editor) & Quadimension – JS (animator), we initially wanted to shoot only the Chicken Drumsticks due to the lockdown, in our own home.  However, after much discussion, we decided that it would be more feasible if everything was created digitally, allowing us the freedom to move the drumsticks anyway that we needed.  This board showcases more action than the other 2, & allowed us to tap into that Japanese Drifter in all of us (disclaimer: stunts performed by professional drifters).  Following some references from the movie Initial D, we fashioned our own environment atop the hills with winding roads & some dynamic drifting angles – again, following closely to the core idea of how would we have shot this for real, with real cars?  Adding camera shakes/vibration helped tremendously to create the tension & bring the viewer into the thick of the action.  We had to carefully plan out strategic areas to plant the Texas Chicken icons without having them be too in-your-face.  The music from Superred also definitely helped to enhance the overall exciting nature of the entire film.  Who knew, that watching Drumsticks could be so exciting?