It never gets old. Well, at least for me.  I LOVE to shoot food.  It’s my calling.  But I eat to live. Go figure.  The 3rd Food Porn ad for Nando’s & still going strong.  This time, working with Agency Fishermen Integrated & Passion Plus, we carved out a humorous yet tantalizing board that focuses on a very Asian ingredient, the Soya Sauce.  There was a lot of talk on what bottles to use, & in the end, we went with the iconic & most recognizable shaped Kikkoman bottle.  As per my requirements, we had some camera locked rigs & some creative angles to make the soya sauce & PERi-PERi ingredients look as delicious & sexy as possible.  Some of the more challenging scenes required some rigging of fire for elements, & for live bursts of larger fires, & also for the grill.  The humour portion came from our 3 aunties of different races, each playing a part in conveying the notion of abundance in their own languages.  This was a real treat to shoot, as they all had their own different mannerisms & executions.  Our Nandoca was none other than Amos, who reprised his role for the 3rd time in a Nando’s film.  Shot over 2 days with 4 different interchangeable sets, & 2 setups running concurrently, it was definitely an arduous task, but the team was just incredible.  We had DOP Kenz Koh, using the Freefly Wave Camera & Sony A7Siii, Art department was Kok Ming with some help from Harris, Food Stylist Yong, with EP Aaron & Producer Felicia from Passion Plus.  Full post-production was completed at Meccanica EFX with colorist Jing & Online Artist Xian Gen, produced by Sofea.