DOMINO’S ‘Spicy Fling’

Long, tedious, but coming up with new & updated rigs is always fun for a shoot.  The challenge for me is to always come up with creative ways to promote food porn beauty shots.  Working with an initial idea from VMLY&R, we, together with ATF & Clients further tweaked it until we were all satisfied. And it was no easy feat, mind you. The food shots were shot in a day, whilst the story driven shots we done on another day.  WE had 2 setups running, in an upstairs lot at the Setia Alam Domino’s branch, which meant we had fresh pizzas to shoot with as the kitchen was just downstairs.  This did save some valuable time indeed.  Shot using the Free Fly Wave camera at mostly 420 fps, Sony FS7 & Panasonic Lumix S1h, with Loh as DOP.  Color grading by Setyo while editing & Online work was completed in-house at ATF with Monster.