McDONALD’S ‘Shogun’

My 1st McDonald’s ad (well, technically 2nd because I shot one about 18 years ago, which doesn’t really count), that I’m really very excited about.  One of 2 boards that were shot in the same day, 85% outdoors, during a month of rain. You could say, we were all very nervous about getting everything done in time, but we did it.  With 1st & 2nd units under Lightflux Productions, the 2nd team shot some of the wider action scenes while we covered some of the more emotional aspects of the board.  From a basic concept from Agency Leo Burnett, we came up with some gags that would put some fun elements back into Parkour performed by Shoguns. Now, between this board & the Samurai board, the Shoguns had it a bit harder, mainly because of their more cumbersome costumes… AND helmets. The costumes took some time to be designed & tailor made & were relatively lightweight but added restrictions to certain movements.   Because of that, we wanted the stunts to be more calculated & specific, creating more of a spectacle as they were chasing an Egg.  Hats of to all 3 performers as it was HOT inside the egg suit, even with a built in fan.  But they persevered, & take after take they hit their mark perfectly.  I paid homage to Michael Bay with one slow-mo flipping over the egg shot, & also to a recent movie where our Egg hides amongst some bean bags to evade the Shoguns.  We had to mock up the front window display for this particular scene & fit the egg in between all the bean bags.  The surprise ending was a larger than life muscular Sumo, who ends up cornering the Egg, that eventually gives in.  I was mainly on this unit that was DPed by CYang, with the Sony A7SIII & Mavic Air for 1 top shot.  Edited by Danboy, color graded by freelancer JF, with Online by Zeph from TentoSeven.