SAFI Microbiome ‘Range’

The 2nd of the Microbiome ads under Ensemble & clients WiPro Unza, KDco & myself shot 5 of the talented singing girl group Bahiyya Haneesa against blue & green screens – due to the various colors of their wardrobe.  Very eager to perform & do their best, they were always smiling, humble & exuded true professionalism.  We had them engage in various sporting activities to showcase their athleticism or vocal prowess, & even choreographed a dance number to an upbeat & contemporary musical track that fit the sci-fi modern visuals.  They had to be in sync as much as possible, but we achieved this by shooting them separately, then in post-production we edited them to be a seamless group.  Shot with DOP Chin using the Arri Alexa Mini & post-production at Meccanica EFX.  Edited by Fai, onlined by Xian Gen & graded by Jing. Music composed by TwoAM.