AIKEN Shampoo ‘Superfood’

My 2nd hair commercial, after more than 7 years.  It was fun, not as hard as I expected it to be with 3 beauty hair shots with some minimal rigging.  Alas, one of the shots didn’t make it into the final cut in order to save time.  From regular clients WiPro Unza, Ag Ensemble & Sixtymac Productions, we shot this spot in a home within 1 day, with 2 talents – one of them being our main girl.  Wanting to add more dynamic camera moves, we built an Swivel Rig that would seamless move from the opening girl speaking scene right into the pack shot without any cuts.  This shot required some time to rig, & execute, as timing was crucial for both our talents to interact at the right moment.  In terms of Online, we had quite a lot of hair touch ups & refining the texture & quality of the hair, whilst removing unwanted fly aways, as expected.  Shot using the Red V Raptor with DOP Chin, with full post-production by Meccanica EFX.  Edited by Fai, Color Graded by Jing, Onlined by Ereeq.