Working on an extremely tight budget, we churned out several spots for these new products from Tohtonku, targeting primarily the Indonesian Market.  With original storyboards from Agency The Dream Creative Workshop, this was the 5th of the 7 boards shot over 3 days.  We got in our 2nd talent for this, who was lively & vibrant, but still needed some direction in performing more GenZ actions.  The opening scene was an energetic way to focus on the bubbliness of the product foam to reveal the pack with playfulness.  Of course, the most challenging scene was the entire application scene, as clients wanted to show the real effects of the foaming scene once the black liquid (also interesting) was applied onto the face.  Our talent hung in there, staying as still as she could for about 2.5 – 3 mins as we watched the product work its magic.  Then with clever editing, we showed an almost timelapse effect.  This was shot with Optinovus Films, with Nick Lee as DP using the Canon C70, & Ng as editor/supers animation designer, with Lance as freelance Online artist. Music composition by Superred, based on one of G-I-DLE’s catchy tunes.