SAFI SUPA ‘Sofea Shaheera’

The expectations were incredible for this.  The production KDCo put their neck on the chopping board for this & guaranteed that we would create a beautiful outcome.  Not a very typical Safi spot from Agency Ensemble, happening completely outdoors.  Thankfully, we had great weather for the most part shooting in Putrajaya as we needed the sun to sell the whole hot & bothered or unbothered feeling. We also needed to block traffic for some scenes involving out talents walking on the main junctions, etc.  It was pretty special.  The art department, under Jay & Jared, used fish string & strong wind blowers to create the flow of the hijabs, as that was the main focus.  This was a little challenging; getting the hijabs to ‘perform’ the way we wanted them to, dancing gracefully in the wind.  Our very professional KOL Sofea Schra hit her mark everytime, helping to move things along quickly.  Towards the end, we had to move the final scene indoors of the animated transition hijab scene for our co-star as the skies darkened.  So this was shot against green screen.  The most time consuming process for this entire job was actually the 3D animated flowers & petals provided by Fly Studio.  Having gone through many rounds with myself, agency & clients, we finally got them approved (size ratio, amount, movement)!  DPed by Eric Yeong, using his Arri Alexa 35 & 1st ADed by Jeremy.  Color Graded by Hafizil & Onlined by Shaffiq, Meccanica EFX.