After a short stint away from WiPro UNZA, we’re back! Working with Agency Ensemble & Production House KDCo, we’re filming an updated SYG product with the lovely celebrity, Amyra Rosli.  Shot completely against a Blue Screen, we had Amyra in good make-up with beauty poses, interacting with the products, etc & also in bad make-up for the problematic skin scenes.  The biggest challenge in this was really, the gold outfit that Amyra wears in the spot.  We had to tweak it several times to ultimately fit her body & stature, yet exude confidence, grace & poise.  What did help was most of the framing was above her waist, so we didn’t have to worry too much about the bottom half & how it fell. DPed by Chin, using the Arri Alexa Mini, graded by Hafizil, & Onlined by Shaffiq, Meccanica EFX.