HADA LABO Hydrating Lotion ‘Raff Yaakob & Mawar Rashid’

A 2nd collaboration with Clients Hada Labo, Astro & ATF, these boards were quite different.  Not needing to be cinematic but aspirational yet comical to an extent, writers Howie & Daniel – Producer – for the Chinese Scripts with Iman for the Malay scripts had a challenge on their hands.  To come up with stories that don’t necessarily relate to real life, but are distinctly different from each other. For this board, we kept it strictly to one location, but incorporated some physical exercise… in this case Yoga.  And we wanted to push the comedy element for this board by having Mawar in a tongue-in-cheek situation, where she seems like she’s doing more than she really is.  Instead, it’s her real-life husband Raff, who is behind the scenes helping her do the ‘actual’ work.  This was a pretty quick shoot, as both the talents performed so well, that we only did a few takes each scene.  Shot using the Arri Alexa Classic, Sony FS7 & Panasonic S1H, we covered as much footages as we could, so we didn’t have to reshoot the fluid conversations between the couple.  DP was Loh, & graded by Danny Gan.  Edited & Onlined by Monster, under ATF.