DARLIE ‘Eye-Spy’

In dealing with clients; Hawley & Hazel Marketing & McCann-Erickson Worldwide, we came up with a continuation to the overall campaign of an intelligent & curious little boy learning more about our Enamel. We initially had 4 different ideas to play with & in the end, we settled on this safer version that didn’t require binoculars (there was a fear of the correlation between ‘spying’ & legal issues) but instead a DV camera. We acquired our celebrity host ‘Naz’ & he & the rest of the cast performed wonderfully & with the utmost professionalism. A big portion of the TVC duration went to the Animated Demo Sequence, & that required some tweaking but in the end, it’s an amalgamation of 2D + CGI renderings that brings a cool look & feel to the overall spot. We shot this using the Canon 6D, with Loh as DOP. The entire production & post-production process was handled by PlayPictures.