NOOR ‘Robotic Arms’

A collaboration with Twisted Media & regional clients in the Middle East, NOOR was a very inspiring project to tackle.  There wasn’t a clear concept from the get-go, only that clients wanted it to look hi-tech & visually captivating.  It was after all, for a meeting of great minds – scientists & engineers alike – in the Middle East, & it had to attract their attention.  Thus, we decided to build 1 Robotic Arm – about 4 feet in length with movable joints which we had to maneuver manually using wire & green painted rods – & shoot this commercial in a partially built set in a studio.  The set was digitally extended with additional motion-graphics added to spice up the inner workings of the arm & environment.  Shot using the ARRI 16mm with Bee Ho as DOP, with complete finishing at Twisted Media.