CARNATION CNY 2022 ‘Pour Some Love’

I looked forward to this shoot. I can’t explain why, but it’s probably because I was invested in the storyline, & have always wanted to shoot a cook who’s all stressed, creating some chaos in the kitchen, with some frantic yet controlled camera movements.  And the result is something I’m quite proud of.  With the idea from Agency TBWA Creative Juice, & Lightflux Productions, we found 2 great talents; a Mum in Law, & a Daughter in Law.  What was of utmost importance was the believability shown through the daughters facial expressions & that saving grace moment, where we see her expression change to an extremely grateful smile.  Our DIL captured that perfectly. Shot in a house that had a nice environement, we had to recreate the island table top which included the stove beside the window – removing the grilles.  Food Stylist Bob had to painstakingly ensure the Prawns looked fresh & large, while meticulously dressing the end plating scene.   Eventually, we had 2 camera setups as we also had some high speed shots – using the Freefly Wave Camera –  of the prawns falling into the sauce, etc.  Our other main camera was the Sony FS7 with some additional coverage from the Panasonic S1H, with DP Loh. Edited by Vikster, with Color Grading by JF & post production at TentoSeven with Online Artist Zeph.