MAMEE Noodle Snack ‘BBQ’

No.3 with Clients Mamee, & a first with Agency Bonsey Jaden, together with PH Twisted Media.  The brief was to make crispy noodle snacks as visually appetizing as possible.  So, we created some food porn visuals that romanticizes the product while injecting the Mamee Monster animation in a seamless blend of a real environment & products with a beloved CGI character.  Shot in a studio with some creative camera rig setups, with DOP Loh & the Sony FS7 & Freefly Wave camera for the high speed shots.  Art dept was Harris, with Yong as the BBQ skewer stylist.  We had an inhouse employee from Twisted dress in a green suit to replicate Monster’s movements of him throwing the MNS into his mouth.  Color graded at Meccanica with Jing & edited by Ng, with 3D from Shafiq WAU Animation.  Online completed by Scott at Twisted Media.