DOMINO’S ‘Awesome Moments’

I’ve always enjoyed shooting food.  It may take bloody long hours, but the end results can be very well worth it.  Especially if it manages to make the audience salivate.  With a concept from JWT & working with production house ATF once again, we created an ad where there were slightly less food porn shots, & more general consumption & food promo shots, with a basic storyline of what do you do when you’re hungry & bored?  You order Domino’s, of course!  With some unforeseen circumstance that slowed down our shoot by hours, we persevered with the food stylist Bob, having to create pizzas from scratch.  Desserts & additional food products were acquired from the store.  Because the location was a distance away, there was a lot of waiting between shots, & also for the beauty pizza shots & consumption scenes as well.  Eventually, we set up a 2nd unit with the Arri Alexa to cover the 4 beauty porn shots, overseen by Matt, owner of ATF.  This helped with ‘speeding’ up an already slow pace.  One thing that we had going well, was our great cast! They performed incredibly well under the circumstances & helped ease the pain 😀 Shot using the Sony FS7 for main unit (mainly because of the tight spaces we had to work in).  Edited in-house at ATF by Monster.  Color graded by Setyo.  Full post-production completed in ATF.