CONNORS ‘Connor’s in a Can’

My 1st alcohol ad.  And my 1st ad shot specifically in 9:16 format.  A very interesting experience indeed.  Tilting the camera & seeing less in terms of left & right space is actually quite nice, allowing us to focus on using specific lenses to create the right depth of field rather than shooting wide & then blow up the shot or cropping into a 9:16.  Agency Grey Malaysia conceived of the idea after shooting the stills, & together with clients Carlsberg & production house Motionrom, we selected a great Belgian talent who was on-point in his acting (dubbed with an English VO). This new product requires the public to shake the can, & it doesn’t explode when you open it.  It’s just like draught in a can.   And it works.  On most occasions lol.  But eventually, we felt it was better to cut the shots, rather use it as 1-take, because we only had 30secs.  Enhanced further by using actual draught beer to create the beautiful cascading effect, and we had a perfect pint.  It was meticulous having to light & shoot each broken down scene, in an actual bar, but the end results say it all.  Shot using the Canon C70, with Nick Lee as DOP with editor Romeo from Motionrom.  The rest of post production (including color grading) was completed in APV.