Seemingly simple but shooting it was anything but.  Working with a basic idea from VMLY&R & together with Optinovus Films, we crafted something more exciting & sensuous.  We had to prepare a large & deep aquarium with a compressor rig that could move our old & new bottles up & down together with the strawberries attached to wires.  An alternative method was to shoot the strawberries separate, but we wanted real ripples & yogurt droplets.  The rotation of the old pack into the liquid was also another challenge as we needed to get the exact axis of the pack to hit the center point of the liquid, sometimes requiring 4 people to operate the rig & downward movements of the pack. The crown splash was also a separate element, & Meccanica EFX magically put together everything to make it seem like 1 cohesive & seamless piece of delightful & appetizing visuals.  Shot with Nick Lee as DP, with the Canon C200 with Leica lenses.