Nando’s Mango & Lime PERi-PERi

A big follow up to the hugely successful Nando’s PERi-PERi , there was no-doubt the pressure was on. While the overall mood & environment are worlds apart from the first; this exuding more of a vibrant & festive feel, the food porn executions are still present. From the brains of Creative Juice KL (under TBWA), Forza Pictures & myself went on to visually bring-back the much asked-for Mango & Lime flavoured Nando’s chicken. What I like about this idea is that it’s quite different from normal ads you see, we focus on the Nick Atkinson’s VO narrative which is of utmost importance for his voice drives the visuals, together with the impeccable sound design by Fuse. There is no music. So that was a challenge, relying just on visuals & sound design & a VO. Shooting the food shots over 2 long days was indeed tiring, but the board I came up with had 42 shots! There was really no other option. Our food stylist Yong & rigging expert Harris, stepped up to the game, & made the shoot smoother than it would’ve been. With 2 separate setups, our DP Loh & Kit worked tirelessly on the Sony FS7 & Panosonic GH5 (240fps). Post-Production was completed at Meccanica Efx with Jing as colorist, & Ng as the editor.