KNORR ‘Soup Ayam Luar Biasa’

When you have great talents, you’re sure to have a relatively smooth-sailing shoot. And this spot had the best of talents. Granted we had a few hiccups here & there when the son refused to do any more takes lol, but when he heard ‘action!’ he’d just do his best, & that was more than enough. Then of course, came the food porn shots. With only a 15sec on air version, we had limited shots, but one shot in particular required more takes than the rest… ala mocon but manually pan & tilt by yours truly. The Knorr cube unfortunately, isn’t a perfect size & the weight fluctuated, so even though we did build a simple rig that would catapult the cube into the soup bowl everytime, because of the discrepancies in the product, it wouldn’t hit the right mark each time. So, there was a lot of guess work for the camera angles. We did, finally achieve a couple of good shots & I’m pretty pleased with the end results. We set out to portray delicious consumption shots with healthy ingredients & cooking in a tight little spot, & we did just that. Of course, the version you’ll see here is a Director’s Cut :D.
With a basic idea from Mullenlowe, we, Shootworksasia, further enhanced it to be a bit more epic & visually exciting. Shot completely with the Sony FS7 with Seam Loh as DP, & edited by freelancer Vikster. The rest of post-production was completed at Meccanica EFX.