SAN REMO ‘More!’

This was indeed a fun shoot to be involved in.  Using an idea from 180 Degrees Brandcom & enhancing it further is what I do best 😀 . Incorporating some cool rigs to create visually exciting food porn shots for Pasta & sauce – my first btw, is something I really look forward to.  Of course, some of the executions required just old-school manual handheld motions, of which our Art Director, Aaron, did a marvelous job.  Needless to say, with 50 shots (some for the Raya campaign) to shoot in one looooong day, it was incredibly challenging & exhausting, but well worth the effort as the final spot is exactly as how we envisioned it; fun, lively & appetizing!  We had 2 sets built, one with a colorful backdrop & another kitchen setup, where most of the action happens.  A third setup was for the top angle food shots of which we had 12 different dishes – mostly localized – to feature.  The main camera used was the Panasonic Eva 1 whilst the 2ndcamera was the Panasonic GH5s, for high-speed & top shot rigs, as it’s more compact & lighter.  My first-time collaboration with DP Chuan, who did an impressive job I must say.  Color grading was done at Iceberg Post, while Offline & Online was accomplished in-house at 180 Degrees.