VITAGEN ‘Love Your Gut’

From the minds of People n Rich, comes the concept of family, friends & loving your gut.  Working with Twisted Media to bring this idea to life, we shot over 2 days at several locations, requiring the use of the Mavic Air drone & the Canon C200 with special Leica lenses.  The talents performed marvelously, but the children, well, they of course, took some time lol.  But after warming out, a lot of prompting & prancing around, we managed to get the best out of them.  This spot has 2 types of transitions; one being the more common zoom out & you’re somewhere else, & the 2ndone using the heart-shaped pneumonic to bridge entire wide environments more seamlessly.  Nick Lee was the DOP for this, with grading at Meccanica EFX & the rest of post-production at Twisted.