DOMINO’s ‘Ssamjeang So Spicy, So Drama’

The turnaround time for something this extensive was unbelievable. 1.5 weeks from conception to meetings to shooting….& as expected, we shot for one full day.  However, with the sheer number of shots – 48 to be exact – and thankfully with 3 camera setups running concurrently, we – ATF, JWT & myself – managed to craft the finished product much to our liking. Coming from a Korean perspective this time round, we ensured the Korean feeling through our talent presentation, supers enhancement & music background.  We wanted to create dynamic food shots with achieved with high frame rates coupled with some wide angle in-your-face angles just to heighten the drama.  As we all know, shooting pizzas isn’t an easy thing, especially when you only have 1 food stylist.  Fortunately, we managed to rent a next door vacant shoplot & set up our set, so, that allowed for the convenience of having the Domino’s kitchen very nearby. Shot with Loh as DP, with the Arri Alexa, Sony RX10, Sony FS7 with color grading at Meccanica EFX.  The rest of post-production was completed in-house at ATF.