CAP BURUH ‘Rewind’

I had much fun shooting this although not necessarily an easy shoot, because liquids have a mind of their own & getting the right crispiness & textures of the chicken was time consuming.  But, in the end, with the right idea from Clients Lam Soon & ourselves from Singnan Communications, we came up with some pretty interesting oil shots.  Like I told some people, ‘Oil never Looked this good’ 😀 . Working with the right team certainly made things easier, with Food Stylist Yong & Harris perfecting the rigging.  Needless to say, gallons & gallons of oil was used to create the various oil shots, all contained within a studio where the upper floor provided the kitchen background for our talent eating scenes – whom performed wonderfully, having chicken after chicken after chicken as his lunch – & the bottom studio as the rigging scenes.  Shot with Loh as DP using 3 cameras; Sony RX10, Sony FS7 & the Arri Alexa. Post-Production completed at VHQ.