A very lifestyle board beauty board, sprucing up your everyday life & making it more glamourous with celebrity Emma Maembong.  From the creatives at Astro & Playroom Pictures, we went through several rounds of conceptualizing before arriving at this final film.  But the core idea relates to Emma in her fictional role as Dian in her drama series, who is gifted Flavettes by her husband & then begins this small transformation within the household.  What was challenging was shooting everything in one day, with before & after setups to signify the ‘glamz up feel’ & some wardrobe changes as well.  But of course, Emma was a trooper & natural in front of the camera, so that was a big plus.  Rather than just being a straightforward beauty ad, we wanted to include some creative shots using match cuts & wipes to effectively move from scene to scene, & some ingenious locked camera rigging for one particular top angle shot.  Adding on some final glitz & glamour on the supers & transitions was icing to the cake.  We made the best of our in-house grading to make the shots pop.  Shot with DP Loh using his DJI Ronin 4D & the Panasonic S1H, with full post-production by Monster.