DOMINO’S ‘Sate Volcano’

Missed the last few Domino’s, but we’re back…with an ‘eruption of flavor’! This was not an easy shoot by any means; to make this product look good & appetizing was the challenge.  Working with Agency FCB & Production House KDCo once more, we aligned with the clients much earlier on regarding the direction we wanted this spot to take.  Some creative liberties were taken when we created the Volcano, such as enlarging it so we could craft more epic camera angles.  Clients wanted no question as to the linkage of this product to actual sate meats, so we shot actual sate sticks with meat, plunging into a thick gooey cheesy cheese in the volcano, which came out pretty dramatic & appetizing.  The split-screen of chicken & beef falling was pretty straightforward, dropping them down a couple of times. Of course, with some online magic, we added a few more falling pieces to make it more wholesome.  The living room scene that was also dressed up for the Cheese Volcano board was used for the consumption scenes in this board as well.  So, that saved us some time.  Shot by DP Kenz Koh, using the Phantom Flex 4k (for half a day) & the Red Raptor for the rest..  Art dept was Jay & his team, with Offline by Ah Fai & full online by Meccanica (colorist Jing & Ereeq as Online artist). Music by Ananth.