DARLIE ‘Ezyme Toothpaste’

It’s been a while since I’ve worked with Agency FCB, and especially on a board that’s about 80% animation, but it was well worth the wait.  Teaming up with Production House Light Flux once again, we worked on a concept from the Creatives & Clients Darlie, who really gave us the freehand to create beautiful & premium looking visuals & that’s what we did.  We found ourselves a lovely talent Renee Loh & shot for ½ a day (together with the pipette & product with some minor rigging) in a studio against green screen with DOP Chin using the Arri Alexa Mini. The rest was left up to Meccanica EFX to produce the sophistication of the VFX that you see in the final film.  As always with 3D animation,  there were several rounds of WIPs lasting about a month, until we got a look that was perfect & everyone was delighted.  Edited by Mecca’s in-house editor Fai, & graded by none other than Jing.