SAFI ‘Perfect White’

This was an enjoyable one; good talents, nice location, & again, with dynamic camera moves & creative angles, & some simple CGI beauty demo scenes.  It was a rather long process though, almost one year to completion due to the MCO restrictions, etc, but we finally pulled through.  Working with a script from Ensemble & clients WiPro Unza, & KDco, with DOP Chin, we crafted a vibrant & fun spot over 1.5 days.  The thing about beauty is, we have to normally shoot twice, a before (bad skin) & after (beautiful skin) scenes, & this naturally, takes a long time for make up to be completed.  My most favorite part is the bottle flying out of the phone & locking itself to the camera & finally being caught by our talent.  Something out of the ordinary.  Shooting it live meant that we had real lighting shifts on the bottle, something you will never be able to replicate in post, unless you create a CGI environment.  Shot with the Arri Alexa Mini & post-production at Meccanica EFX with Ng as editor. Color graded by Jing.  Music composed by TwoAM.