SAFI Microbiome ‘Hairfall’

I liked this for how different it is to other beauty ads I’ve done, & my 1st experience out of two, shooting with Hijabi talents.  With an idea from Ensemble, clients WiPro Unza & PH KDco, we tackled this job head on.  The complications of shooting a hijab ad are slightly less difficult than shooting a real head of hair, but it was definitely challenging nonetheless.  We had to rig the hair with ropes within & also shoot some elements of the long hijab – in 2 different sizes – against a green screen that we pulled like a lasso to get it to curl & move naturally.  Shot in high speed using the Freefly Wave camera & also the Arri Mini Alexa for other beauty shots.  We also had our talent rigged on wires to simulate her repelling down with ease holding on to her hijab hair ala Rapunzel.  Because this entire spot was shot against green screen in a studio, there was a lot of Online & CGI work to be done, all under Meccanica EFX.  Edited by Fai & Onlined by Xian Gen with GFX provided by Alvin & the 3D department, with grading by Jing & music from TwoAM,  this turned out to be a very active & energetic spot, something I’m quite proud of.