NUTOX ‘Happy Hero’ *2020 A+M MARKies Silver (Most Effective Use – Loyalty/CRM)

From boutique agency DreamCreative Workshop & clients Tohtonku, comes an idea that focuses on real people and their relationship with Nutox all these years.  Extensive research was conducted to find the best possible candidates from all over Malaysia, & in the end, we found our 6 special ladies.  Production House Hot Pictures & myself produced a down-to-earth beauty spot that was shot in 2 large houses over 2 days, which required set dressings to showcase different lived-in environments.  The tricky part was getting the right wardrobe because we wanted the combo to be just whites and/or reds.  So, depending on the characters, we tailored the wardrobe to suit their personalities.  Because none of the talent had ever been in front of the camera before, they were naturally timid, but we eased them into it, & in the end, they projected their true & best selves.  Shot with Eric Yeong as DP, using the Arri Alexa Mini & the Panasonic EVA 1, with Setyo as color grader, & the rest of post-production completed at Post Fellas.