NANO WHITE ‘Annoying Dark Spot’

It was swell working once more with Clients Tohtunku, on their new tvc for Nano White featuring Eyka Farhana, a young & vibrant actress with a beauty that shines through her captivating smile & good looks.  Together with production house Hot Pictures & agency BBDO, we crafted a film that isn’t just a typical beauty ad, but something a bit more fun & quirky in the form of an Annoying Dark Spot (ADS) – a character fully realised as CGI, that has a mischievous demeanour besides being relatively cute ala the Minions. So, in essence, the ADS & Eyka both share almost equal screen time with Eyka finally triumphant in the very end thanks to the Nano White Serum.  We shot in 1 day at a living room in a rented Air BnB with large windows & green environmental surroundings, to bring out the freshness of the overall product & feel.  3D took more time to finesse with various iterations on the ADS character, & fine tuning of movements & photorealistic texturing, but all in, VHQ did a fantastic job with the finished product.  We utilised the Arri Alexa Mini with Eric Yeong as DOP & Shaun Goonting as 1st AD.