Well, this was fun.  Definitely challenging in terms of finalizing the look & feel months after we had finished shooting, but the outcome is nothing short of beautiful. A 2ndsubsequent project with clients WIPRO Unza & Agency Ensemble together with Production House KDco, we worked with one of Malaysia’s hottest rising star Mira Filzah in crafting creative & not-so-typical beauty scenes especially in a Safi commercial. But that was the brief; to showcase a young, vibrant & premium product.  And I do believe it does stand out against its predecessors.  Shot completely in a studio (interior + exterior – for the Awards night) with set builds of a lab, art gallery, and blue screen for the beauty scenes.  There was a lot to shoot & Mira  had another early day the next day, so needless to say, we were anxious to wrap. Shot using the Arri Alexa Mini with DOP Chin, we finished post production in Meccanica EFX – who labored day & night – to complete the pristine VFX.  Color graded by Jing & edited by freelancer Ng.