SUNPLAY ‘Sun-safe with Sunplay’

This was an interesting project.  My first foray into so-called miniature effects & I must say, it turned out quite alright, considering the quick turnaround & certain limitations we faced (finances didn’t allow for much CGI work).  So, with Play Pictures, Agency 180° & Clients Mentholatum, we worked together to create a different & fun piece of film.  Secretly snubbing another competitor brand, we compared products using miniature worlds & real-life size worlds.  Shot on set with a printed backdrop, with real sand covering a large area, we made the real-world feel as real as possible, adding on water reflections later on during post.  For the mini world, we shot the talents against green screen, interacting with one another & imagining the surroundings.  Our competitor girl who eventually turns, gave her best as she ended up doing most of the running around & hiding.  We even had to paint her darker during the shoot to create the sunburnt sensation & look.  Color grading at Meccanica EFX then further enhanced the burnt feeling a notch.  DPed by Kenz Koh using the Panasonic EVA 1, post-production was completed at Play Pictures under 3 different Online Artists.