SAFI ‘Acne Solutions’

Teaming up again with clients WIPRO Unza after so many years is a much welcomed feeling.  Together with Agency Ensemble & Production House KDco, we created a fun & lively spot that helps defeat acne problems  plaguing young women.  Playing with the idea that a lot of embarrassed people use emojis to cover up their faces when they post their image online, be it in IG or FB, we thought, why not do the same with our main talent, who has pimples?  Thus, we made up her face with pimples – by our very experienced make up maestro Biby – for the opening shots and also the product demo scenes.  Shot in a park, a boutique & then a studio with a modern bathroom set – all with different wardrobe styles provided by David Chang, with the upcoming versatile actress Anna Jobling, we wrapped up in 1 day.  The challenge was to ensure the make up continuity each time we redid her make up, & took it off, etc.  We used the new Arri Alexa Mini LF with Sigma lenses to create this beautiful spot, shot by veteran DOP Chin.  Edited by in-house editor Chan from Meccanica EFX & color graded by Jing.  Full post-production support by Meccanica EFX.