CONNOR’S ‘Bring the Pub Home’

One of 3 new spots for Connor’s with the general idea from Agency Grey Malaysia, & clients Carlsberg & PH Motionrom.  This is my favorite as it showcases an incredibly smooth transition from scene to scene.  We had meticulous planning & rehearsals to get the line up of shots right, as I wanted to have some actual physical props slide in & out so our talent can actually interact with them.  So, for this board, we shot in the Raw Studio with a stylish bachelor pad setup by art dept Harris.  We complete his action & then eventually moved on to the Pub The Burnin’ Pit where we shot the bar scenes upstairs.  We had the table slide in as well on a track & initially, my plan was to shoot this 2nd pass live, but soon realized it would be impossible to match the movements from before.  Thus, we used the studio action footage & changed the lighting in post when he appears in the bar.  With Q-Take, we managed to seamlessly shoot our needed passes & talent reactions in both locations.  Shot over 2 days (half at studio, half at location) with DOP Nick Lee & the Red Komodo, & edited by Pan, with full post completed in VHQ by Online artist KC.