TOYOTA ‘Merdeka 2023’

Natural & real.  That was the brief from Clients.  Thus, Shootworksasia & myself worked with Agency Hakuhodo to create something that was simple, charming & endearing for our Independence Day.  We casted kids who weren’t very exposed, some appearing for the very 1st time even, while some had a bit more experience.  We asked them the questions, & they answered in earnest & we basically told them there was no wrong or right answer.  So, what you see in the end product, is really, what they said authentically.  Great kids.  Shot in 1 day in Twenty12 studio & one additional ice-cream shot outdoors (a last minute change of location as we wanted a more green area with nice sunlight – but this proved to be taxing as the ice-creams kept melting!), we had to move the cars around to fit the script.  DPed by Loh, with his new DJI Ronin 4D & the Panasonic S1H, & offline & online handled by freelancer Eevon.