My 1stforay into shooting liquids… & I’m loving it!  Under a collaboration with VMLY&R, Optinovus Films & Cotra Enterprise, we produced beautiful, graceful & refreshing liquid splashes & controlled product bursts.  Needless to say, there were many wet days & floors, going through countless tests to get the rigging just right beforehand.  With Clients eager to pursue a slightly different direction than the usual bright white backgrounds for fresh liquid juices, we opted for a black clean one.  This would bring out the highlights better & give the overall spot a more classy & sophisticated feel.  There were no added elements into the juices as we wanted to remain true to the original. Shot over 2 days to cover 1 x60s + 4x15s, we used the Phantomflex 4k (flown in from Jakarta, Indonesia) for all the product related shots (mostly at 900 – 1000fps) & the Red Epic for the talent shots.  DOP was Nick Lee with Meccanica FX providing full post-production support, including Editing (Ng) & Color Grading (Jing).