DOMINO’S CNY 2019 ‘Eggstra Shiok’

22 hours. Yup, my 2ndexperience with Pizza, & it doesn’t get any easier. Or shorter. Lol.  We wanted this to be a fun & exciting board, introducing a new flavor on a pizza, never done before locally or anywhere.  So, with a board from Mullenlowe Malaysia, we crafted a food porn Pizza spot that had a huge amount of salted egg powder, with the help of a great production crew & team under Asia Tropical Films. Shooting using the Arri Alexa & Panasonic GH5 cameras under DP Loh’s supervision, shot at Domino’s Cyberjaya branch & had their regular food stylist ‘Bob’ making the appetizing products. This time around, we didn’t have much rigging as compared with my previous Nando’s, & a lot of the shots were tailored to be quirky with some stop-motion effects in mind.  Post-production was completed in-house at ATF with color grading at Meccanica EFX.