A very exciting concept with precise & challenging execution make this SilkyGirl spot something of a rare technical delight. With a basic concept from Anonymous, Optinovus Films & clients ACG tweaked the environments & made them all CGI, hence having to shoot all the talents with minimal propping that they interact with against a green matte. Requiring all the technical measurements & countless hours of designing, & redesigning & finalizing the backgrounds was arduous, but worth it, as it creates visual imagery that’s inspiring & beautiful. Needless to say, the talents – including SilkyGirl ambassador Juliana Evans – had to imagine the background they were in but rose to the occasion, performing amazingly well against the empty environment. We went back to basics with the camera, using the RedOne, as it allowed for great keying out work against this heavy-post job, with Nick Lee as DOP. CGI work was handled once again by CJinq with Online work by freelancer Jules.