NISSAN SERENA ‘Simply Magical’

The 3rd Nissan spot with Twisted Media, & 1st car spot with Agency People n Rich.  Shot over 2 days, this was a pretty straightforward idea as Clients wanted it to be a more family-oriented where all can enjoy the uniqueness of the new Nissan Serena.  It was a very product-oriented spot, featuring 4 USPs & encapsulating some minor lifestyle shots.  The weather wasn’t too forgiving as we shot during the rainy season, & on both days, we had to work really fast, not ideal, but in the end, we got the job done. Clients were happy, so that’s always a good thing.  Shot with Nick Lee as DOP using the Arri Alexa XT, with color grading at Meccanica EFX. This spot was edited by freelancer Wing, & Online completed at Twisted Media.