MERCEDES-BENZ ‘Never Stop Improving – Soraya’

This was like a passion project with MU Productions.  It’s been a dream of mine to shoot something that combined human elements of fitness & endurance with something tangible & equally powerful & engaging.  Thus, the Never Stop Improving campaign was launched with Mercedes.  We used real-life people who are professionals in their own fields & who had captivating stories to tell.  Soraya, a single mum found Yoga, & that strengthened her resolve to keep going & be better for herself & daughter.  We shot in 2 locations over 1 long day (2 separate ads) & the talent just gave their all.  The car scenes weren’t supposed to be this elaborate when we first discussed them with agency Publicis EMIL, & throughout pre-production with clients, it grew into something more.  Unfortunately, we ran with what we had, & tried to create as many exciting angles as possible.  Within such a short time, I believe we achieved more than was expected.  We shot with the Panasonica EVA 1 with DG as DOP, with additional shots using the Sony A7S Mark II with the DJI Ronin-S & the DJI Inspire drone.  Color-grading & post-production was completed in-house at MU.