We truly outdid ourselves on this webfilm. Collaborating with Nicholas Lazaroo, with production house Spyder Web & agency Leo Burnett, we crafted an action-packed/stealth board with over 40 shots, accomplished in 1 day – from the evening till the next morning. We had to trim & rework the Agency concept to something that was achievable taking into account the financial limitations, proving the saying that sometimes, less is more. With only 1 Isuzu Beast Limited Edition car (a facelift of the Isuzu D-Max) to work with, we had to extra careful with the handling & action sequences, bringing in local renowned stuntman Ronnie once more. The 3 covert soldiers were real troopers (no pun intended), as they wore their black stealth costumes almost throughout the evening – morning, bathed in sweat almost the entire time & never complained one bit [At the time I write this, El Nino is upon us, & it is the hottest one so far]. There was a lot of downtime for them as the production team also had a fair share of car footages to shoot. All in, it definitely was a worthwhile experience as we had the opportunity to shoot something that had a little more physical action; involving guns, fog, jumping out of the car’s path as it surges forward, & dropping from helicopters 😀 We worked with the Canon C300 & occasionally the Canon 6D + GoPro Hero 4 Silver Edition. Nick Lee was once again the DOP for this, with complete post-production at Spyder Web’s in-house facility.