NISSAN NAVARA NP300 ‘Indiana Jones’

Wet & hot. These 2 words best describe the mood & ambiance we had for the 2 days of working on the new Nissan Navara tvc shoot. With the ambitious concept – crafted as an action packed car-chase trailer from Agency BnBC, Twisted Media, DOP Nick Lee & myself were faced with the challenge of executing a rather dramatic spot with limited daylight hours during the monsoon season in rough terrain. Loosing 3 hours on the 1st day meant that we had to squeeze in more shots for the 2nd day, which had perfect sunlight, till of course, it drizzled for about an hour. But we persevered, & the end result is something that we’re very proud of. Being familiar with our main talent & having a strong crew – I must admit that Indy’s wardrobe was spot on, & not to mention an experienced stunt team, definitely aided in the success of the commercial. Kudos goes to the major post enhancements by freelance 3D artist, Chong & his team & Twisted’s very own Online Artist, Scott, as without them, the spot wouldn’t look as polished & refined as it is. Shot using dynamic aerial view visuals provided by Vince & his Inspire 1 drone & the Red Dragon with the Easyrig & Ronin. Color Grading was completed at Meccanica FX.