NISSAN X-TRAIL ‘The Urban Thrill’

An exciting concept that’s rarely seen on local TV – also aired on Digital Media – this commercial was truly a team effort from Agency BnBC & Twisted Media (Bee Sim). A big bonus was finding our protagonist who had a close resemblance to Daniel Craig, & we wanted to portray a suave yet confident & intense character that greatly suited the image of the new Nissan X-Trail. Shooting the scenes in Putrajaya appeared rather challenging from the onset, as we had to carefully plan the limited number of magic hours we had over the course of 2 days. A last minute change of plans had us shooting the end staircase scene at another nearby location. We shot extensively with the Red Epic & the DJI Ronin & Easyrig, with my regular DP, Nick Lee. But of course, none of the shots would have been possible without our key grip, Sunny, whose comprehensive experience in car rigging proved an indispensible addition to our team. Post-production was completed at Twisted Media with considerable Online work by Senior Online Artist, Scott. Color Grading was finished at Meccanica FX by colorist, Jing, who had to arduously match all the scenes as a cohesive whole.