CARRIE JUNIOR ‘Play with Me’

The 2nd collaboration with Nerve Centre & One Worldwide had us casting for the perfect boy to represent the brand image of Carrie Jr. It was an arduous task having to find a boy who fit the criteria but in the end, we managed to find the ideal boy in Adam. Of course, being only 5 years old, he had his ups & downs during shoot, but overall, he was a pretty obedient & active child. Shooting the Supermarket scenes & having to rig packs with imaginary 3D characters popping out (to be added in Post later on) was fun & exciting & once finished, we adjourned to the studio to cover the bathroom scenes & skiing scenes against green screen. As the client mentioned, ‘this was just the beginning…’ .The 2nd half of the job would rely on the 3D animation execution of the animal characters, making them look lively with fluid movements & gestures, which would take close to a month to finalize. Shot with the ARRI ALEXA, which wasn’t without it’s problems (green filters & splitscreens appearing when it wasn’t required :O ), with Nick Lee as DOP. Offline & 3D were finished in RAWR pictures, whilst Color Grading & Online were completed in Mustang post.