SPRITZER ‘Project Icon’

Boards like these are rare & few, allowing us to experience ‘nature’ in a different manner, to shoot something so calming & natural, even if we had to mock up the mini jungle with rented plants (by Art Dir Jay) to create a ‘natural looking rainforest’.  From the minds of Agency FCB & clients Sprtizer together with KDCo productions, we crafted a film that I’m extremely happy with.  It’s gentle, natural, never over powering, & tranquil in it’s execution.  Kudos goes to incredible work by 3D liquid specialist Khiang, who worked his magic on all the CGI liquid simulation going through countless testing phases to get the look just right.  DPed by Chin using the Arri Mini Alexa, & edited by Ng.  Complete post-production by Meccanica EFX with Jing as Colorist, & Hamman as Online Flame artist, with music from TwoAM.