DOWNY ‘Mira Filzah’

A back to back shoot with Febreze, we shot this with ATF, Astro, Clients P&G & celebrity Mira.  But unlike Febreze, this was way more challenging as we had more scenes (including Ramadan & Raya), more talents involved, talking clothing & flower petals effects, a change of clothes & make-up for Mira midway through, etc.  We also needed Mira to perform some precise movements for the clothes transition scenes as we wanted it to be seamless from the before to after.  3D flower petals animation provided by Fly Studio, & this process was quite tedious as there were numerous revisions from Regional to local clients in terms of look development & realism, the flow, movement & amount of petals in each scene.  But in the end, we came to a mutual understanding & crafted a lovely ad for the local market.  Shot again, with 2 cameras; the Arri Alexa & the Sony FS7, dped by Loh & 2nd camera operated by EP Daniel Chan.  Full post-production achieved in-house by Monster from ATF.