CORNTOZ ‘The Journey’

The brief directly from the Mamee Clients was to create awareness for this little known pink horse called Pinko whilst making the food shots look good.  Thus, I set out, together with Lightflux Productions, to create a quirky, weird, wild, wacky yet visually exciting spot that marries both a 2D animated horse with 2D environments & real live environments.  The main star of course, Pinko, brought to life by 2D animator extraordinaire Kok Hoong, who made Pinko Dance, neigh & dance even more.  Shot in a studio, with a lot of separate elements, with Art Dir Harris, we created real chilli tunnels, a pot of melted cheese with falling cheese blocks, surrounded by swiss cheese blocks that cost a bomb, & rigs for separate bursting elements.  DP was Nicholas Chin, with his Red Raptor (8k) & Ronin on a crane & Laowa Lens to get the dynamic food shots.  Pretty much a straight forward shoot that had our Editor Daz put together everything in the Offline edit with as much details as possible.  Color Grading & Online completed at APV with music from Anand.