ENSURE ‘Be Ready For Life’

‘This board was made for me” I told my EP Elroy, Lightflux Productions. And I was determined to get it. Lol.  I love trying out new things, & while this isn’t something new that I haven’t tried before, but it’s new in the sense, it needs to seamless cut from scene to scene with just changes in lighting – something that I hadn’t done before.  From the minds of Agency Entropia, we kept their basic scenarios intact but varied some of the angles like the consumption scenes – we see 2 different angles here, which is pretty unique… both showing the branding of the product in different manners.  Needless to say, the most important thing in this shoot, was the rig of the product to the camera.  We needed this rig solid so we could match the scenes everytime we removed the rig from camera as we were moving from location to location.  Some scenes – like the opening – we had to devise an ingenious way to have the pack sit as low to the table as possible by cutting away that portion where the rig would pass through, etc.  The rest was left to post-production & Am, DeTouche to work her magic in touching up the green rig & tables, etc (we shot a lot of background plates of hands, bodies, greenery, etc).  Some scenes just had the product on the table, & some in a gym bag, which kind of worked well because the pack was still always in the middle of frame.  Shot with DP Bee Ho, using the Red Komodo as it was lighter & easier to handle, with Shito as 1st AD. Art department was under Jack Tien.