BRANDS 2.0 ‘Work Performance’

I look forward to projects like this.  Different from the norm.  From Agency 180° & Post House Sotong Potong, we embarked on creating an adaption from the Taiwan version of the same product.  What was actually extremely time consuming was always trying to match up our talents in the right frame.  Because there are essentially 2 people that we shot for more realistic interaction (similar build & muscularity, as our KOL Dr Say is a big guy), we needed Q-Take to match the body & hand positions for each scene that involved both of them & for each time they swapped places.  Of course, it was never a 100% match, but close to 90% & the rest was left to the Sotong Potong Online team to work their magic & make it feel as though it’s the same person.  We shot on location in the Sotong Potong office in PJ that went late into the night but it was fine, as we didn’t feature any windows.  DPed by Adrian Wong, using the Red Komodo, with editor Haren & full post-production by Sotong Potong.